🎾 Drizzy Wimbledon 🎾

An homage to the Serena era.

The Serena era…what a time.

As a lifelong tennis fan, spotting my favorite rapper in the box at Centre Court was a collision of worlds I never1 expected to see.

Unfortunately, the cosmic forces at hand were too powerful to last. If, as they say, “the brightest stars burn out the fastest,” it shouldn’t be surprising that this union of two flaming comets of culture ended in a blink.

Though short-lived, the Serena era left us with memories to last a lifetime, including a curious couplet that’s the subject of today’s post…

Drake has some weird flexes.

I’m sure you can find some weirder than this, but I'd argue it's close to the top of the list.

While other rappers boast about drug money and designer clothes, Drake comes in bragging about hosting tennis matches and beating Serena when she plays with her off-hand? 

In a song that’s supposed to be chronicling his worst behavior?

Like Russian dolls, within the bigger flex here, Drake is nesting three mini-flexes.

Let’s unpack them...

Flex #1…Drake has a tennis court at his house.

This we know to be true.

As you can see in the photo below, the tennis court is a stone’s throw from the YOLO Lagoon, rounding out the multi-functional backyard at his Hidden Hills compound…

From the looks of it, the surface is hardcourt, which makes perfect sense.

If you know tennis at all, you know hardcourt is fast.

I have zero doubt that on any given day in Calabassas, Drake has one of his OVO soldiers on the opposite baseline, strapped with a radar gun, clocking his 100-mph bombs.

Slapping triple-digit heaters would give Drake yet another stripe in his quest to become the most-athletic non-athlete in Nike history2...

Flex #2…Drake is tight enough with Serena to have her over to his house.

For a minute there, Drake may have been Serena's #1 fan.

The Serena era was brief, but it debatably brought out the best in Drake, at least if we’re going by fits. Just look at that sweater tie...

Flex #3…Drake can beat Serena when she plays lefty.

This is the most bizarre flex of all, and, the craziest part is it may be true…

Serena says Drake has game, and she doesn’t strike me as the type to hand out gratuitous compliments.

While this was initially hard for me to believe (this man can’t be good at everything, can he?!), after some thought, it doesn’t seem so crazy anymore…

Judging by the strong continental grip and immaculate tape-job on his wrist, I think it’s safe to say Drake is no stranger to the Game of Kings.

If only the Serena era lasted longer, we may have been blessed with a Wimbledon-white tennis polo in his recent NOCTA collection drop.

That said, there’s no time to mourn. Around here we don’t cry because it’s over - we smile because it happened.


Cordae and Naomi Osaka have certainly normalized this dynamic.


Is there even competition here, honestly?